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Summer tires – guaranteed outstanding grip

Summer tires are manufactured to fit the unique driving conditions that are typical of summer months. These tires are designed, primarily, to perform excellently on rain-slicked and dry roads, when the temperatures are unusually high. Dimensional features, such as the aspect ratio, the tire’s width, and rim diameter, speed capability, and other design characteristics may boost the performance of sport-oriented, high-performance automobiles on dry and wet roads. Surprising to some, summer tires also facilitate high performance in wet driving conditions, due to the tread patterns that promote the dispersion of water, while resisting aquaplaning.

Summer tires – just the right tread compound

The tread compounds for summer tires are featured by diminished elasticity, as opposed to winter tires. Therefore, the wear and rolling resistance are reduced, which increases the driving comfort, while lowering the noise levels. Furthermore, when it comes to steering stability and mileage, summer tires rank increasingly better. Another significant advantage linked to this type of tires is diminished fuel consumption. Depending on your driving behavior, you can always choose from performance tires, or sport tires, which are linked to optimal traction, maneuverability, and excellent handling.

Summer tires – built for speed and agility

Summer tires are the perfect fit for high-performance vehicles, as they are constructed, especially, for high speed and agility on the road. They provide boosted responsiveness, braking, and cornering capabilities, being designed for high temperatures. Although all season tires aim at providing a decent vehicle performance, the best summer tires will do much more than that. All-season tires will perform acceptably in warm weather, but they provide diminished grip in comparison with summer tires, sacrificing your car’s cornering, steering, and braking. The specialized rubber compounds enable enhanced precision on the road. Also, when it comes to summer tires, the tread patterns are featured by less grooving, which will allow you to enjoy optimal grip and stability. With the right choice of tires, you will own the highway. For boosted safety and control over your vehicle, you shouldn’t take this decision lightly. Visit and browse through our broad directory of tires.

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